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By My Side Holster produces a line of Holster Rests, Gun Holsters, and the Side Mount Adapter and Car Installation Kit that give you the opportunity to mount your gun in virtually any position, on any solid surface at Home, Work or Car. Nightstand, dresser, desk, gun safes or even the console or instrument panel of your vehicle. Proudly Made in the USA

Just follow the instructions and you can say your gun is “ By My Side”

Nightstand, Desk and Car Console

You can mount a Holster Rest virtually anywhere - at Home, Work and Car

Wide Holster Rest

The Wide Holster Rest can be mounted on either side of furniture

Standard Holster Rest with Side Mount Adapter

Standard Holster Rest with Side Mount Adapter- 1911 Full Size

Wide Holster Rest

Wide Holster Rest Side Mounted on desk

Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

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Side Mount Adapter and Car Installation Kit


The Side Mount Adapter gives you more flexibility in mounting locations for your Holster Rest. The Side Mount Adapter is 3” long with and width dimensions of 3/4” x 1”. Always mount adhesive strips to the 1” sides. The side mount adapter allows you to mount your Holster Rest on the back of furniture, to the inside of desks or on the side of the console of your car. When mounting to the interior components of your vehicle, you must use the Adhesion promoter included in the kit. Please see instructions below.

Standard Holster Rest - Car Gun MountWide Desk Gun MountStandard Gun Mount Under CabinetWide Desk Gun Mount



Standard Holster Rest and Side Mount Adapter SpacerSide Mount Adapter with adhesive strips installedStandard Holster Rest and Side Mount Adapter Spacer ready to assembleStandard Holster Rest and Side Mount Adapter Spacer assembly completed


Side Mount Adapter Installation Instructions
Prepare the Side Mount Adapter by wiping both of the 1”sides of the Side Mount Adapter and the side of the Holster Rest where the Adapter will attach with isopropyl alcohol and let dry ( Fig 1). Take (2) of the supplied adhesive strips and remove the paper cover with Red printing and align the strips with the top of the Side Mount Adapter, attach one strip on each side (Fig 2). Remove the paper cover with Black printing on one of the adhesive strips. Take the Side Mount Adapter and position the side with the adhesive strip exposed with the side of the holster rest and align the top of the Holster Rest and top of the Side Mount adapter by placing the Holster Rest with the arms up on a table or flat surface
(Fig 3). Apply firm pressure to attach both pieces together ( Fig 4). Your Holster Rest is now ready to mount on furniture, wall, desks or any solid surface. For additional mounting instructions, please refer to detailed instructions for mounting included with the Holster Rest.

Mounting Holster Rest to the interior of Vehicle.
The Holster Rest can be mounted in a vehicle with or without the Side Mount Adapter. Determine the location where you would like to mount the Holster Rest. The surface needs to be flat without contours or shapes. When using the Side Mount Adapter follow the instructions for the Side Mount Adapter.
The temperature of the mounting surface in the vehicle must be between 60°F and 80°F. That will require warming vehicle in cold climates. The bonding surface should be clean and dry. The mounting surface area should be cleaned with a suitable cleaner and a lint-free cloth to remove polish and/or wax, dirt etc... Allow surface to dry. Wipe mounting area with another untreated, lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Allow to dry. Open the adhesion promoter packet and wipe mounting area. The liquid contents of the packet should be completely used as soon as possible after opening. Apply promoter only to areas that will be fully covered with tape. The primer must be dry before applying Holster Rest. For best results, attach Holster Rest to the prepared area immediately after primer has dried or no more than one hour after primer application. Be sure the primed surface remains free from contaminants prior to tape application.
Allow 1 hour before use.

Please read

If you are installing your Holster Rest in a vehicle without the Side Mount Adapter, the use of the Adhesion Promoter is still required. The Adhesion Promoter is necessary to provide proper adhesion to the plastic components inside your vehicle. The Adhesion Promoter is included in the Side Mount Adapter Kit and is also available for purchase separately. 


Click here to view the Holster/Holster Rest Size Chart  Note: the chart does not contain all handgun models. If you are not sure which size Holster Rest or Holster, Please use Contact Form



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