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Holsters, Holster Rests and Belly Bands

By My Side Holster produces a line of Holster Rests, Gun Holsters, and Belly Band Holsters. Our Holster Rests and  the Side Mount Adapter and Car Installation Kit gives you the opportunity to mount your gun in virtually any position on any solid surface at Home, Work or Car. Nightstand, dresser, desk, gun safes or even the console or instrument panel of your vehicle. Proudly Made in the USA

Just follow the instructions and you can say your gun is “ By My Side”

Nightstand, Desk and Car Console

You can mount a Holster Rest virtually anywhere - at Home, Work and Car

Wide Holster Rest

The Wide Holster Rest can be mounted on either side of furniture

Standard Holster Rest with Side Mount Adapter

Standard Holster Rest with Side Mount Adapter- 1911 Full Size

Wide Holster Rest

Wide Holster Rest Side Mounted on desk

Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

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By My Side Holster LLC Mounting Instructions


Locate a flat, solid and non-porous surface to mount the Standard or Wide Holster Rest.

The Holster Rests are to be mounted only in a vertical position with the gun barrel pointed downward.

Do not mount on any surface above a bed or any area above your head. Do not mount on surfaces with vinyl or paper wall covering. Clean the mounting base of the Holster Rest and the solid non porous surface with Isopropyl Alcohol. Let both areas dry.

Only use the Command (R) Strips that are included in this package to mount the Holster Rest.  Additional strips may be purchased separately.

Take the Command (R) Strip in your hand and orientate so the rounded portion is at the bottom. Remove the paper cover with red printing on the adhesive strip and position the exposed adhesive strip on the Holster Rest by centering on the mounting base, approximately 1” below the top of the Holster Rest.  The rounded portion of the adhesive strip will extend approximately 9/16” below the bottom of the Holster Rest Base. Apply hand pressure to the adhesive strip to insure adhesion of the adhesive strip to the mounting surface of the Holster Rest.

Remove the paper cover with black printing on the adhesive strip to expose the adhesive strip. Secure the Holster Rest to the proper mounting surface by placing the Holster Rest in the desired location and apply hand pressure to the inside surface of the mounting base on the Holster Rest. Do not apply pressure by pressing on the arms that extend from the Holster Rest. The Holster Rest is now mounted. Wait 1 hour before use.

How to place a holster in the Holster Rest

Take a Holster in the vertical position and place the belt loop(s) or clip(s) of the holster onto the arm(s) of the Holster Rest.

Note: Some holster with plastic or metal belt loops may require you to load the holster from the top of the Holster Rest by opening the belt loop and sliding it onto the arm(s). Continue to slide the holster forward; the arm(s) will pass through the belt loop(s) or clip(s). Slide the holster forward until fully engaged in the Holster Rest.

Your Holster is now ready to use.

How to remove the holster from the Holster Rest

Remove gun from holster. Carefully slide holster straight back out of Holster Rest to disengage from the arms securing the Holster. Note: Some holster with plastic or metal belt loops may require you to remove the holster from the top of the Holster Rest by opening the belt loop and sliding in up and out the arm(s).

How to remove the Holster Rest from the mounting surface

Remove the gun from the holster. Remove the holster from the Holster Rest.

Locate the round tab at the bottom of the adhesive strip that secures the Holster Rest to the mounting surface. While holding the Holster Rest at the sides grasp the round tab of the adhesive strip and pull straight down-Do Not Pull strip towards you. Continue stretching the adhesive strip tab in a downward direction approximately 8”-15”until the adhesive strip releases the Holster Rest from the mounting location. The Holster Rest is now removed from the mounting surface. Properly dispose of the removed adhesive strip.

Always use a new adhesive strip to mount the Holster Rest in a new location.

Do not exceed 4lbs. total weight including the Holster Rest.

Apply only to surfaces above 50°F and below 90°F  

Please read

If you are installing your Holster Rest in a vehicle without the Side Mount Adapter, the use of the Adhesion Promoter is still required. The Adhesion Promoter is necessary to provide proper adhesion to the plastic components inside your vehicle. The Adhesion Promoter is included in the Side Mount Adapter Kit and is also available for purchase separately.  


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