By My Side Holster manufactures holster rests, holsters, mag holders and belly band holsters Welcome to By My Side Holster. By My Side Holster Car Gun Mount

The Safest Way to Mount Your Gun at Home Work and Car!

Will not Damage Furniture, Walls,
or the interior of your vehicle
Made in the USA

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Nightstand, Desk and Car Console

You can mount a Holster Rest virtually anywhere - at Home, Work and Car

Wide Holster Rest

The Wide Holster Rest can be mounted on either side of furniture

Standard Holster Rest with Side Mount Adapter

Standard Holster Rest with Side Mount Adapter- 1911 Full Size

Wide Holster Rest

Wide Holster Rest Side Mounted on desk

Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

Ambidextrous Belly Band Holster

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The Holster Rest from By My Side Holster® is the Safest way to have your gun mounted at Home, Work or your Car. The trigger is always covered by your holster, and you extract your gun the same way you would if you were carrying concealed. That prevents you from placing your finger on the trigger until you need too. There are other products that you can buy, but they don't have the level of safety and accessibility that the Holster Rest provides.


The Holster Rest can be mounted in the home, at the office, in the garage, gun safe or even your car. Our Holster Rests will mount on virtually any solid surface and are easy to install by using one of the 4 adhesive strips included in each kit. NO SCREW HOLES. The adhesive strip is also easy to remove and will not damage your furniture, walls, desk or automotive components. Simply mount the Holster Rest where you want to have your gun, slide your holster into the Holster Rest and place your gun in the holster.

There are 2 models available, The Standard Holster Rest which works best with small frame guns with narrow slides 1" or less similar to a SIG Sauer P238, Ruger LCP, and similar sized guns. The Wide Holster Rest is for large frame guns similar to Glock's, S&W M&P, and revolvers. If you have small and large frame guns, the Wide Holster Rest will accommodate all of them. We also have a side mount adapter available that gives you more flexibility in mounting locations and positions.
Just follow the instructions, and you can say your gun is "By My Side".



Click here to view the Holster/Holster Rest Size Chart  Note: the chart does not contain all handgun models. If you are not sure which size Holster Rest or Holster, Please use Contact Form


Just follow the instructions and you can say your gun is "By My Side"


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